- OAS Public Blockchain Secure Payment Service
- OAS IoT Security Gateway
- OAS Secure Blockchain Hosting Service

We present 3 platform services to solve major challenges of blockchain and Internet of things through which the OAS ecosystem will be solidly built. Within our ecosystem, OAS COIN will fulfill its role as a secure currency and payment instrument.

OAS Secure Public Blockchain Payment Platform

Loss of coins due to payment device hacking has become a major global issue. OAS Blockchain Secure Payment system is the the first secure cryptocurrency payment system in the U.S., China, Japan, and Korea, which provide the following features :

- Protect blockchain users’coins by securely overriding validated transactions that were carried out due to hacking.

- Based on Distributed Proof of Stake, elect independent arbitrators with varying reputations and allow them to override disputed transactions based on their votes.

- Prevent hacking through secure payment service for short and long term investors.

- Enable post-amenable secure business payment transactions between payers and payees without centralized banks or lengthy payment procedure.

※ Patent applied in the U.S and Korea

OAS Secure IoT Gateway Platform

OAS IoT gateways are another innovative security system, which features: 

- Software stack verification based on TPM security chip before allowing each IoT device access to the internet.

- Real-time network traffic monitoring and malicious data filtering without installing additional software to IoT devices.

- On-the-fly traffic encryption engine without installing addtional software to IoT devices. We are preparing to release OAS IoT security gateway to be purchased with OAS coins. 

As OAS IoT security device gains popularity and its brand name gets recognized, the value of OAS coin will escalate.

※ Patent applied in the U.S and Korea

Secure Leasable Private Blockchain Hosting Platform

We provide the first private blockchain hosting server in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Korea that guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the blockchains even in case of server hacking. Blockchain hosting service must gain the trust of its users; if the hosting server gets hacked or if the server team has malicious intentions, security of blockchains within the system can be seriously jeopardized.

In the OAS system, each blockchain can run its own encryption and signing key unaccessible by the hosting serverkey, preventing blockchain data leakage to and data compromise by the hosting server. OAS will be involved in the smooth management of the blockchains but without access to individual blockchain’s private key, maintaining confidentiality and integrity even in case of server hacking. OAS is a state-of-the-art system that shields blockchains against hackers.

※ Patent applied in the U.S and Korea

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