NBIT upbeat on its OAS products’ operations

Staff Report

Dubai: The OAS BlockChain Renaissance project, which is being promoted by the NBIT Foundation in the UAE, is on a solid growth trajectory, the company said in a statement.

The OAS BlockChain has been headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 2018, and prepared the platform to resolve the troubles in trilemma of various blockchains and obstacles of IoT such as OAS public blockchain secure settlement platform, OAS private blockchain safety intermediary hosting platform, and OAS IOT security gateway platform etc rendered by capable talents of Harvard University in the USA. Recently, as an outcome of the study, IoT security gateway and blockchain hosting platform etc gain the high creditability with the acquaintance of the US international patent.

Abdallah Taha, an Associate at NBIT, mentioned that the marketability of the NBIT Foundation’s OAS products is an essential technology in the 5G and 4th revolution era. It is the technology that is essential for the future where information technology and various machines and technologies are fused together.

In particular, the Internet security gateway platform technology of IOT has finally acquired the US international patent in May 2019, which means the weak safety sector etc such as the potential hacking etc of IOT which becomes high in global penetration rate has been resolved with OAS security technology to settle down as the global platform and to acquire the legalized global right.

The technology aforementioned will be applied to various fields requiring digital security such as home network (smart city, etc.), aviation-related, factory automation (smart farm), personal information (personalized device etc), autonomous driving car and health care etc.

In addition, the leased-block-chain secure hosting platform technology has acquired US international patent in June 2019, which will lead block-chained service to be expected to greatly increase the global penetration rate, established with OAS in-house technology to expedite the era to distribute it to the whole world.

As such, the OAS block chain project has been in the state securing the secure global legal right, and in the second half of 2019, it is about to complete the development of hardware security devices such as main net and security gateway etc. Recently, we have participated in the Smart City project in Las Vegas and Clark in the Philippines and are preparing the spread of the IOT security gateway.


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